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Migraines and Hay Fever: Understanding This Difficult Pediatric Issue

Hay fever is an issue that parents may not take seriously in their children's lives. However, this seemingly simple concern is closely connected with migraines, which may cause a multitude of developmental problems in a child's education. Therefore, immediate treatment of these issues is critical for a child's health and well-being as well as for the child's future growth and development.
Hay Fever Causes Many Unpleasant Symptoms
When a child suffers from hay fever, multiple unfortunate symptoms can make them miserable. For example, symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, itchy areas, and excessive nasal pressure occur in people, including children, who suffer from hay fevers.
Typically, these issues arise the most during the spring and summer, which can be very frustrating for children during their school breaks. Unfortunately, all of these symptoms may also increase a child's risk of suffering from a migraine that could seriously affect their health and well-being.
For example, a study by the National Headache Foundation stated that those with hay fever were about 33 percent more likely to experience migraines than those who did not have hay fever. The connection between these issues seems to center on the irritation and inflammation in the nasal mucus membrane.
Essentially, hay fever triggers increased pressure throughout the nasal passages due to increased mucus production. When this extra pressure occurs, the strain places increased pressure on specific areas of the brain. Unfortunately, that increased pressure may trigger migraines and put a child out of commission for an extended period.
Migraines May Adversely Affect Education 
When a migraine hits a child, severe pain will limit their everyday activities. For example, a child who experiences a migraine during classes may go home for the day. Unfortunately, the severity of these symptoms can adversely affect a child's education and could seriously affect their future career and life development in many ways.
For example, a study done by the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Brazil found that children who suffered from migraines had a lower grade point average and struggled to succeed in class. Even worse, these migraines often lowered a child's quality of life overall. 
Unfortunately, these setbacks could cascade through a child's educational development for years. For example, a child with migraines may struggle through early math or other classes and find catching up with their peers in later courses hard to do. And if migraines continue into their teen years, continued developmental issues may affect them if they attempt to attend college.
Treatment Minimizes These Risks 
The severe impact that hay fever and migraines have on a child's education makes treatment for both problems absolutely critical. For example, allergy treatment minimizes the risk of headaches and helps a child breathe easier when outside. Medicines such as antihistamine sprays, eye drops, nasal corticosteroids, and oral corticosteroids reduce the impact of these symptoms or prevent them entirely. 
And when a child experiences a migraine that hay fever has triggered or worsened, other treatment methods provide relief. For example, specific migraine pain relievers halt the spread of a headache and prevent symptoms from getting worse. Preventative medicines also help to minimize migraines by relieving many triggers. In addition, anti-nausea medication prevents migraine-related vomiting.
Allergy Treatment May Provide Relief 
A child should not have to suffer from the co-occurring issues of hay fever and migraines. If you have a young one who struggles from these health issues, please contact us at Wilmington Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. to give your child the treatment they need. Our professionals will thoroughly examine your child's allergies and work hard to ensure that they have full treatment and management.